Crystal Carrera

Crystal Carrera (Classic)

Date: 2008

Crystal is a sexy blonde girl who’d like to explore her sexual and wild side. This is her first video ever. She was initially very hesitant when I was telling her what type of shoot she’d be doing. She wasn’t sure about doing a sex scene. So she agreed on doing masturbating and hand-job scene. It was exciting having her for the shoot. When the camera was rolling, she was sexually wild. I had her masturbating with her toy. She really enjoyed it to the point she didn’t care about hand-job and started giving me a blowjob instead. It was such an amazing surprise. She was teasing me a lot when I was about to finish and I ended up cum on her breasts. After this scene, she was doing B/G and also creampie scenes with a well-known amateur sites. I guess this has unleashed her wild side. I was wondering if she was still looking for unleashing her wild side again nowadays.


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